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Certified loose diamonds
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   Diamonds Found: 92151
Compare Stock ID Shape Weight Color Clarity Cut Lab Total Price ($) View
BLD100301286 Princess0.23FI2 GIA 150
BLD100301799 Princess0.29II2 GIA 150
BLD100301600 Princess0.27GI2 GIA 155
BLD100301601 Princess0.27GI2 GIA 155
BLD100301681 Princess0.28GI2 GIA 155
BLD100301798 Princess0.29II2 GIA 160
BLD100301780 Princess0.29GI2 GIA 165
BLD100301781 Princess0.29GI2 GIA 165
BLD100301782 Princess0.29GI2 GIA 165
BLD100301783 Princess0.29GI2 GIA 165
BLD100303933 Princess0.34JI3 GIA 165
BLD100301096 Round0.20GI2Very Good GIA 170
BLD100301592 Princess0.27FI2 GIA 170
BLD100301593 Princess0.27FI2 GIA 170
BLD100303884 Princess0.34HI3 GIA 170
BLD100304163 Princess0.35II3 GIA 170
BLD100301558 Princess0.27DI2 GIA 175
BLD100301670 Princess0.28FI2 GIA 175
BLD100301742 Princess0.29EI2 GIA 175
BLD100301760 Princess0.29FI2 GIA 175
BLD100301087 Round0.20FSI1Poor GIA 180
BLD100301126 Round0.21ISI2Fair GIA 180
BLD100301364 Marquise0.24ESI2 GIA 180
BLD100301146 Round0.22LSI2Fair GIA 185
BLD100301692 Princess0.28HI1 GIA 185
BLD100301761 Princess0.29FI2 GIA 185
BLD100302622 Princess0.31FI3 GIA 185
BLD100301012 Emerald0.17HVVS2 GIA 190
BLD100301645 Emerald0.28ESI2 GIA 190
BLD100302442 Princess0.31DI2 GIA 190
BLD100301004 Emerald0.16EVVS2 GIA 195
BLD100301057 Emerald0.19DSI2Good EGL USA 195
BLD100301065 Emerald0.19ESI2Good EGL USA 195
BLD100301574 Princess0.27EI1 GIA 195
BLD100301697 Princess0.28II1 GIA 195
BLD100306432 Princess0.43II3 GIA 195
BLD100301343 Princess0.24DVS1 GIA 200
BLD100301632 Princess0.28DI1 GIA 200
BLD100301635 Princess0.28DI1 GIA 200
BLD100301647 Princess0.28EI1 GIA 200
BLD100301650 Princess0.28EI1 GIA 200
BLD100301002 Round0.15GSI1Very Good GIA 205
BLD100301557 Princess0.27DI1 GIA 205
BLD100301736 Princess0.29EI1 GIA 205
BLD100301739 Princess0.29EI1 GIA 205
BLD100301121 Emerald0.21GSI3Good EGL USA 210
BLD100301331 Round0.23JI1Good GIA 210
BLD100301633 Princess0.28DI1 GIA 210
BLD100301634 Princess0.28DI1 GIA 210
BLD100301646 Princess0.28EI1 GIA 210